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eFund is a team of five partners and support staff in Bellevue, Washington. Our team has cumulative experience of 47 years in business management and investment, with a total of 10 startups in which partners served as direct managers, 70 startups in which they have participated as investors or advisors. We get deeply involved with our investments in any areas in which we are needed. We serve as guides to help our partnerships attain goals faster and with less management stress.

Imagine a new enterprise as a race car competing with others in the field. To be successful, you need a strong engine, a great driver, fuel in the tank, and four wheels. The engine is the core business idea. Company management is the driver. Fuel represents solid financing. The four wheels deliver the car to its destination, and consist of:

• People
• Business planning and operations
• Compelling product or service and channels for distribution
• Technology

Each of the partners at eFund comes from a different area of business. Like the partnerships we form, we have been through the “wars,” seeking funding, developing and implementing a business plan, finding and focusing a team of professionals to meet the company’s objectives, and spending sleepless nights worrying about the hundreds of details that have to come together to reach the top. Yet we come from different disciplines, and each represent different wheels of the car. One company may need only a single aspect of business knowledge to supplement their team’s capabilities. Others utilize our collective knowledge and experience. If you would like more information regarding the eFund Principals, please choose one of the links below:


Daniel Kranzler

The right partnership makes all the difference. Bringing together a team to attempt the impossible is a truly daunting task. Not only do entrepreneurs need the right people within their enterprise, but they need the right financers, advisors and strategic partners. Choosing the partnership between company and investors is critical. We take extraordinary care to find and partner with companies who can benefit from our added value beyond our financial resources.

It is important to look carefully at the dynamics, focus and "style" of potential partners. We ask our potential partners to look carefully, as we do, because once we make a decision to work together, we will be spending long hours as a team resolving issues, solving problems and bringing together all that is needed to win. Success is the culmination of hundreds of things including people, resources, finance, technology and relationships. If we are going to "go-for-it" we might as well go-for-it with people we like and respect. At eFund we know we have to earn that respect every day, and we relish the prospect of learning, sharing and growing with our partnerships. That is fun for us!

Lastly, as stated above, critical to the success of a high-tech investment is the ability to network with other professionals and venture groups. The principals of eFund are investors or advisors in several successful venture funds on the West Coast. These funds provide an avenue for additional investment with complementary value to that of eFund.

Dan Kranzler has spent the past twenty-five years running, supporting and financing entrepreneurial companies in the high-tech arena. Educated at the University of California at Berkeley, in psychology and counseling, Mr. Kranzler has employed his skills in facilitating communications to help organizations build and deliver a unified vision for their companies and products. In 1980, Mr. Kranzler founded Beepers Northwest and built it into the largest paging company in the Northwest. The company was purchased by McCaw Cellular Communications, where Mr. Kranzler became the first General Manager for the cellular and paging operations. He worked as part of the team that built the cellular group from eighteen employees to over 1000 in the first year of operation through acquisition of additional territory licenses, consolidating numerous markets and rapid customer growth under the McCaw CellularOne banner.

In 1996 Mr. Kranzler became president and CEO of AccessLine Technologies, Inc., a software company that originated the One Person: One Number concept. After building the Company to a presence in eleven countries, Mr. Kranzler retired from direct operating control and remained as chairman and board member for AccessLine and several other companies.

Mr. Kranzler is currently president of Kirlin Ventures, a group of early stage venture funds, as well as Managing Partner of eFund, LLC. In his role as investor and advisor, Mr. Kranzler has been involved in over 20 start-ups as an advisor and invested in over 40 companies in the communications and Internet space. Companies in which Mr. Kranzler has invested have achieved combined equity values of over twenty billion dollars.